2 Krazy Muther Fookers



2 unrelated individuals, now named "2 Krazy Muther F**kers" have escaped from the United States Music Industry Asylum. Rumor has it, that... they have teamed up at an unknown location, are currently producing BANGER Music, DJ Mixes, and creating a "KRAZY" performance intro (No pun intended). The identities making up this Creative Producer / DJ Duo are being withheld to protect the guilty, but will be revealed at an event in the future.


Their original production, "Make It Drop", charted at #9 on the Big Room Chart and #97 overall on the prestigious Spinnin Records Talent Pool after only 6 days!  Their follow up, Short Circuit, is having the same success.  Click on the Short Circuit cover art below and Vote for them!


It has also been reported that they have some serious Fans / Followers / Supporters voluntarily called, "The Committed".


FOLLOW THEM And GET READY For Experiences You Won't Forget!!!

Rare captured photos, music, & updates can also be found on their Twitter and Instagram pages. 


Management: MJS Artist Management – artistmanagement@mjsproductions.net

Press Inquiries: MJS Artist Management – press@mjsproductions.net

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