2 Krazy Muther Fookers



2 unrelated individuals, now named "2 Krazy Muther F**kers" have escaped from the United States Music Industry Asylum. Rumor has it, that... they have teamed up at an unknown location, are currently producing BANGER Music, DJ Mixes, and creating a "KRAZY" performance intro (No pun intended). The identities making up this Creative Producer / DJ Duo are being withheld to protect the guilty, but will be revealed at an event in the future.


Their original production, "Make It Drop", charted at #9 on the Big Room Chart and #97 Worldwide on the prestigious Spinnin Records Talent Pool after only 6 days!  Their follow up, "Short Circuit", hit #11 on the Big Room Chart, and their 3rd release, "G-Down", hit #14 on the House Chart.  Their Electrik Sessions Podcast debuted in November 2018 and immediately charted at #91 on the Mixcloud EDM Mix Chart.


It has also been reported that they have some serious Fans / Followers / Supporters voluntarily called, "The Committed".


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Rare captured photos, music, & updates can also be found on their Twitter and Instagram pages. 


Management: MJS Artist Management – artistmanagement@mjsproductions.net

Press Inquiries: MJS Artist Management – press@mjsproductions.net

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