2 unrelated individuals, now named "2 Krazy Muther F**kers" have escaped from the United States Music Industry Asylum. Rumor has it, that... they have teamed up at an unknown location, are currently producing BANGER Music, DJ Mixes, and creating a "KRAZY" performance intro (No pun intended).  The identities behind this Creative Producer / DJ Duo are west coast fm radio pioneer and legend DJ TL SPANX and international gaming music producer Blind.  


Fittingly, they are based in Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world.



2 Krazy Muther Fookers are a polished Costumed DJ and High Energy Performance Duo with years of experience under their belts. Their brand represents everything that is Krazy, A Little Dark, Chaotic, and Fun! From their costume of straight jackets and glowing L.E.D. masks, to their EDM sound and the theatrical introduction of their performance, their "Committed" fans will see their performance as an experience that is more than just listening to music.

Their original production, "Make It Drop", charted at #9 on the Big Room Chart and #97 Worldwide on the prestigious Spinnin Records Talent Pool after only 6 days! It is now signed to MJS Records and the Official Music Video shoot saw them almost getting arrested 2 times.  Their follow up, "Short Circuit", hit #11 on the Big Room Chart, and their 3rd release, "G-Down", hit #14 on the House Chart.  These charting successes led to an offer to remix "Summer Rain" by the UK's GM Music & Denizen featuring Cat Chapman.  "That's Right" saw them developing their trademark G-House sound that was well received on the international stage.  Their latest hit, "Super Hand Clap", is slated for release in August 2023.

2 Krazy Muther Fookers also put tremendous production value in their DJ Mixes and the global charts reflect that ethic.  Their first "Electrified" Mix hit #90 in the Global Electro House Chart on Mixcloud.  Their Electrik Sessions Podcast debuted in November 2018 and has hit the Mixcloud Charts in every episode:

Vol. 1 - #91 on the EDM Mix Chart

Vol. 2 - #50 on the Global Big Room Chart and #50 on the EDM Mix Chart

Vol. 3 - #11 on the Global Big Room Chart and #37 on the EDM Mix Chart

Vol. 4 - #44 on the Global Big Room Chart

Vol. 5 - #66 on the Golbal Big Room Chart

Vol. 6 - #50 on the Global Big Room Chart and #80 on the EDM Mix Chart 2 days after release.


It has also been reported that they have some serious Fans / Followers / Supporters voluntarily called, "The Committed".

FOLLOW THEM And GET READY For Experiences You Won't Forget!!!

Rare captured photos, music, & updates can also be found on their Twitter and Instagram pages.



Management: MJS Artist Management - artistmanagement@mjsproductions.net


Press Inquiries: MJS Artist Management - press@mjsproductions.net


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