MJS Publishing offers a Publishing Administration Service for songwriters, artists, and producers in association with MJS Records, our record label.  Once you are registered for an account, just send us your song information 1 time using the form below and we will register your songs worldwide and collect all possible royalties on your behalf without taking any ownership of your copyrights, saving you a lot of time and thousands of dollars setting up these relationships on your own.  With our publishing relationships, we also collect U.S. and Foreign Mechanical Royalties that most artists can't collect on their own because they don't have a publisher.


If you are interested in signing up for this service CONTACT us

and we will send you full details.  Anyone can use this service and you do not have to be an artist signed to MJS Artist Management or MJS Records to use this service.  We can also administer and collect for the catalogs of other record labels with Publishing or 360 deals!

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