Veli - Melodic Trance / Electro / Baduk / EDM / Open Format


VELI is a highly accomplished and talented Belgian DJ/Producer/Remixer with musical talents beyond mere DJ’ing.

With a family gift for music and performance, VELI is currently working in collaboration with leading producers and agents around the world (Holland, Australia, USA) on a roster of progressive electronic dance music releases, working with leading vocalists who all have enjoyed Top 10 chart successes, as well as helping design an exciting new Latin-inspired genre titled ‘Baduk’.


VELI is also celebrated Pianist and Jazz Musician having attended a Belgium Music Academy when he was just 16 years old, as well being an incredibly genuine person with a deep respect for all those he meets, seeking to work with and help others along the way, networking & collaborating, making him an endearing artist and an absolute delight to work with.


His professional experience spans working for some of The Netherland’s leading nightspots, as a guest and resident DJ:

  • Time Out
  • Key West
  • Mondail
  • Peppermil

International Gigs:

  • Miami
  • Spain
  • Germany


VELI has his own special sound - Melodic Trance/Electro with a fine kick, bass and a lot of energetic influence, merging into Caribbean and Latino influences.


Keep an eye firmly on VELI as he surges forward with his own uniquely positive sounds designed and made for a millennial global village generation + beyond all around the world!


He has several past and upcoming remix and original releases including “Falling Stars” by Billboard charting Kim Cameron on Side FX Label Partners, “Summertime” and “These Tears” by Raquela on House of Pride Music, and many originals scheduled for release on MJS Records.


Management: MJS Productions Artist Management Agency –

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